Lance: Utility-driven Storage and Data Collection in Sensor Networks

Lance Armstrong photo
An emerging class of sensor networks focuses on reliable collection of high-resolution signals from across the network. In these applications, the system is capable of acquiring much more data than can be delivered to the base station, due to severe limits on radio bandwidth and energy. Moreover, these systems are unable to take advantage of conventional approaches to in-network data aggregation, given the high data rates and need for raw signals. These systems face an important challenge: how to maximize the overall value of the data collected by the sensor network, subject to resource constraints.

We are developing Lance, a general approach to bandwidth and energy management for reliable data collection in wireless sensor networks. Lance couples the use of optimized, data-driven reliable data collection with a model of energy cost for extracting data from the network. Lance's design decouples these resource allocation mechanisms from application-specific policies, enabling flexible customization of the system's optimization metrics.

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The following talk provides an overview of the system:


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